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Yung B from Farlin's 2012 single "Shittin' On The Game," made a lot of noise. The follow-up, "Freaky Thang$," is a crisp record about the artist's sex tales with his lady, yet still delivers something for the streets over an ImaShiine beat. #Download it free to your phone, computer, or iPad now, by joining the mailing list!


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Yung B from Farlin
Downtown St. Louis

Yung B from Farlin is an American entrepreneur and rapper from St. Louis, MO. He gained popularity after releasing his prototype single "Shittin' On The Game," produced by Grammy Award winning producer Jayson "KoKo" Bridges of Basement Beats in 2012. His single was later featured on the mixtape compilation This That Southern Smoke Vol. 2 hosted by T.I. and the world renowned DJ Smallz, which reached over 390,000 fans on In 2013, Yung B from Farlin released his follow-up single "Freaky Thangz" produced by ImaShiine, which helped to rekindle his buzz in the streets.



This is a must read for fans. In this exclusive interview with ViewHipHop, Yung B from Farlin talks about Nelly and the St. Louis music scene, how he became successful in the Music Business, and more!

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 Check out Yung B from Farlin on promoting his new single "Freaky Thang$." Support the movement. #FARLIN

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Yung B from Farlin's campaign for "Freaky Thang$" was seen on #VH1's #LoveandHipHop!



@YungBfromFarlin is building his buzz in this week's St. Louis Riverfront Times. Be sure to pick up a copy.

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Check out Yung B from Farlin's debut single, "$HITTIN' ON THE GAME," on This That Southern Smoke Vol. 2 hosted by T.I. and DJ Smallz on

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Check out Yung B from Farlin's 1st [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] with WWS Magazine.


Check out Yung B from Farlin on the world famous DJ Smallz Southern Smoke Blog. Hot or Not?

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